Congratulations on your engagement!  Thank you for considering Ideal Entertainment to help you celebrate your most special day.  Please feel free to look around and let us know if there is ANTHING we can do to help you create YOUR IDEAL WEDDING.

* Every “DJ Company” claims to be the best.  What sets Ideal Entertainment apart?

    When planning a wedding times can get stressful; looking for a venue, shopping for the perfect dress, what tux to rent, limo, choosing date, and the list goes on and on.  We make the choice of entertainment simple.  We understand that is it YOUR day.  A Bride To Be often has thought of this special days since she was young.  Our goal is to take that image and make it a successful reality. 

We will never dictate how your wedding will be.   We will LISTEN to you.  Understand your vision.  Compose a plan and present it to you.  We will use our years of experience to guide and help you mold YOUR wedding into the best wedding it can be.

* What should you know about the company you choose to produce you wedding?

-      How long have they been in business?

-      Do they have insurance?

-      Do they have references?

When asking for references ask for 3-4 clients that they have worked with in the last 3-4 weeks.   This will give you an honest body of work to judge them on. 

* Photos/Videos:

        Have you ever showed a picture of yourself that you thought was awful to someone?  Neither will an Entertainment Company.  A Wedding is on average 6 hours.  A video clip is a brief snap shot of an event.  Of course we have photos and videos to show you so you may see what we CAN do, but always encourage you to reach out to our peers and references to see what we DID do.


    We do not have “package” pricing.  Your wedding is not just another wedding to us.   It is YOUR wedding.  We do over 200 weddings a year and none of them are ever the same.  Yes, of course you need to start with a foundation (a DJ); but from beyond that there are endless possibilities.  Weddings with over 200 people may need additional speakers to even out the volume.  You may want to enhance or show off some of the features of the beautiful room you have chosen for your reception with up lighting.   Do you want a Monogram above your head table?  Would you like sub woofers for a little extra energy during the dance portion of your evening?  Would you like to have a custom recorded first dance?  How about a video montage?  The list goes on and on…  Some “DJ Companies” may list these as “options” or “add ons”.  To us these features ARE your event.   They are what YOU have imagined.  That is why we sit down and LISTEN to you THEN, and only THEN, do we provide you with our plan to make your special night PERFECT!

* Music:

    All “DJ Companies” will say they have 1000’s of songs.  In today’s digital age yes they do.  Do they know how to use those songs?  Programming a wedding takes experience.  The entertainer you choose to share in your special day should be able to read your guest and react accordingly. 

Music also does not need to be played a high volume.  Quality of sound is more important that quantity.  All of our equipment is top end and up to date.